Live Reviews

It was a beautiful party, in a very refreshing river beach near the Boom Festival site. We hadn't played in a lot, so we think we are a bit rusty or unprepared. But it was the opposite!!!

We crash the party down!!! After a power blackout right in the last music of the Dj after us, the crowd was very anxious, and party with us the 2 hours set till a beautiful dawn. With a 20k Function One p.a. being to our disposal, we played all the progressive and psy songs in the end of the set.

We loved this party, it was a very needed one too. That brings us motivation to keep on going and produce more. Thanks to Good Mood for bringing us to this amazing party, and a very special hug to our friends X_tigma and Manu.
Type: Open Air - River Beach
Place: Alternative Area
Location: Praia do Moinho - Benquerença - Castelo Branco
Org: Good Mood
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This party was mounted in a beatifull place, a river camping park, with lots of places well decored. Unfortunately, we did not played in this festival. We had our setup mounted and in the first notes of our live act the power generator that supllyed the entire chill-out has browken and the backup generator did not work as well.

So, the organizers could not provide any other generator to bring power to the PA till morning and we could not keep waiting for the problems being fixed. The party was very friendly, the dance floor was mounted in an island with very cool vibes and good psy trance.
Type: Open Air - River Beach
Place: Chill Out Area
Location: Praia Fluvial de Verim - Póvoa de Lanhoso
Org: Carpe Diem
We were invited by Fluxo to participate in his birthday celebration. We were very proud to be in this special event for him, and of course, for us.

This celebration was in the Porto Rio boat, as usual divided in two main areas, the lower deck of the boat was the main floor (POTION ROOM), and the upper deck was the alternative area (TOWER CEL) where we've played. It was a very special event, we never went to Porto Rio boat and we love that place.

Big thanks to Fluxo with a special hug for his 33rd birthday and for been part of this reunion of the Quest4Goas family.
Type: Indoor - Porto Rio Boat
Place: Upper deck - Tower Cel
Location: Porto
Org: Fluxo
This time we went to another Festival well prepared by our friends at Carpe_Diem, in the woods of Caramulo, in Portugal. It was a very calm festival where we could hang out with our friend X-Tigma, he was our companion in a few party's, and he played right after us.

It was a very interesting party, we played about one and half hours, in the middle of bales of straw that was part of the decoration of the chill out area.

We enjoy this party very much. Big hug to our friends of CarpeDiem org. for this great Festival.
Type: Open air Festival
Place: Chill Out area
Location: Serra do Caramulo
This was a very unique party, in a place that we love very much and already been 2 times (in the previews Sinergia 2008 and in Utopia AfterBoom 2006).

As usual the place provided a large variety of moods, keeping the sound systems very far from each other and kept the moods separated. We played in the Chill Out area, place on the same site as usual. Since we only go the 2 of us, there was nobody else to take photos of the live act. We loved to be there.

Big thanks to GoodMood and Quest4Goa for another great party.
Type: Open Air - River Beach
Place: Chill Out Area
Location: Praia Fluvial de S. Gião - Oliveira do Hospital
Org: Good Mood and Quest4Goa
The first anniversary of CarpeDiem org. was in the "ChillOut Bar", divided in two areas, one main floor (inside the bar) and the ChillOut area on the outside terrace. The place was very well chosen, and we've played along more than 2 hours, has the people were arriving and chilling and we were enjoying it so much.

It was a very interesting party, that we enjoy being there with the CarpeDiem org. celebrating 1 year of party's around the country.
Type: Indoor - ChillOut Bar
Place: Terrace - ChillOut area
Location: Riba de Ave - Famalicão
Org: Carpe Diem org.
The "Praça da Cidade" Bar in Oliveira de Azemeis invited us to a more intimate concert. It was in a diferent room that we are used to, an amphitheater. The room was half full, and the people could enjoy our sounds and video projection from a confortable seat in a very classy teatre room.

We loved this experience, since we were the only attraction of the event, we've played for more that 2 hours, and we actually had our first uncore, with the people asking for more!!!

Very special moment, in our home town.
Type: Indoor - Praça da Cidade Bar
Place: Teatre Room
Location: Oliveira de Azeméis
Org: Praça da Cidade Bar
This Festival was mounted in a beach near Aveiro. There was two main areas, flea market and a camping site, lots of space to be around and meet people.

It was a nice place to be, little cold compared to the hot Boom Festival site. We didnt aprreciated the chill out area, since it was forgoten from the organization, poor preparation and poor structure...

We played in a beautiful down, in the beach it had a special meaning. Besides the site wasn't so well prepared we enjoy playing there anyway.

Type: Open Air - Beach Party
Place: Chill Out Tent
Location: Costa Nova - Aveiro
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This was a big achievement on the FRAME live acts career. Being in this massive and important event we just couldn't be more proud and happier. Big thanks to Dj High and Mickey for make it possible.

FRAME was only with L.Mig on stage, Ambient Forest, because Wortex was only booked for Groovy Beach stage.

We only have photos, we've love to have videos, but Wortex had health problems and returned home earlier. Another dawn with FRAME's soundtrack... in Boom. :)
Type: Open Air - Beach Lake
Place: Ambient Forest
Location: Idanha-a-Nova Lake Castelo Branco
Org: Good Mood
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Another important 2 day party, the 9th Aniversary of our friends from Quest4Goa, just keeping on dancing!

We played in the chil out tent, monted near the water, with a fabulous view to the lake.

We loved the all experience, and our performence was very good. Mr. Wortex did the Vj for the whole night, presenting a special Chilled C'Quence live video mixing. :)
Type: Open Air - River Lake
Place: Chill Out Tent
Location: Barragem da Queimadela Fafe - Guimarães
Org: Quest4Goa
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There are no reviews for this event.

This was a unexpected surprise. Though the party was relocated to a club, it was supposed to be outdoor, turned out to be a very good party. The chill area was crowded and with a very nice décor.

In this party we meet the crew from Big hug to Filipe and Mafalda, we enjoy it very much. :)
Type: Indoor - Disco/Club
Place: Subsolo Club - Chill tent
Location: Furadouro - Ovar
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Very good party prepared by PSYART. Our friend Dj. Sattva received us in his great party.

A very cold December, but in the end all went great, we loved the performance and the chillers were very welcome to our show. Great crew.

Hope to work with them again. :)
Type: Open air Party
Place: Chill Out Circe Tent
Location: Herdade Calha do Grou Fazendas de Almeirim
Org: PSYART & Humanic Vision
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Another great party in this camping park, and once more produced by Omium and Quest4Goa.

This was a very diferent situation of the previous time FRAME played in this very same place. All the decoration and floors were in the same areas, but with radical modifications. We love the sound sistem and the dance floor, with a very futuristic design.
This 3 day festival brought us a very good vibe, we'de made some new friends, meet some artist's like Tajmahal and Chilled n Cequence and many others more.

As usual the dawn had the FRAME sound track, we started to play at about 4 am, and we presence a beautiful sun rise, and the warming sun rays entering the chill out tent, make a beautiful and very special moment. :)
That was a very good time in this festival. With the hot of July and the river beach right there, we had the proper fun and enjoyed all the party people, in this great place.

Wed like to give a very big thanks for X_Tigma, Gabi and all the crew of Quest4Goa.
Type: Open air Party
Place: Chill Out Area
Location: S.Gião, Oliveira do Hospital
Org: Omium and Quest4Goa
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Second appearance in this Moroccan Bar, this time for a special party, the presentation of the EP Journey to the Sun release. We distribute some CD's to the people, and showed our last work (music+video).

This Journey to the sun live act is to be presented in the further live acts.

This preview was very good and the people enjoyed it.
Type: Indoor - Morrocon Bar
Place: Carpe Diem Caffe
Location: Oliveira de Azeméis
Org: Carpe Diem Caffe
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First live in this bar, owned by great friends of ours. We managed to produce a live very chilling, for about 2 hours.

The place is nice and the people was receptive and very curious about us.
Type: Indoor - Morrocon Bar
Place: Carpe Diem Caffe
Location: Oliveira de Azeméis
Org: Carpe Diem Caffe
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At 11 and 12 of August in a Big Camping Park, a beautiful place to be, with a fresh river passing by.

This party, organized by the Boom Festival 2006 crew, Omium and Quest4Goa was very special, we have been in Boom Festival the whole week, and to finalize, the Utopia Festival to performe to hundreds of party people. It was a very inspiring experience, and a great honor to participate as Artists in this huge event and massive reunion of people.
The Chill Out tent was very beautiful and sophisticated decoration. A very good string work.

FRAME played at 4 a.m in the Saterday, the party people stick around to see our performance. Very crowdie to the end, as the sun started to warm a very cold nigh, with Mr.Wortex playing his videos completely covered with bag bed's :) In this performance we had a special guest, to play didgeridoo, Ricardo Ruivo, great performance.
Type: Open Air - River Beach
Place: S.Gião Camping Park
Location: Oliveira do Hospital
Org: Quest4Goa & Omium
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This live act was very interesting.

A complectly diferent public that liked very mutch the FRAME sounds.
Mr.Wortex in the videos, but since we didn't have any video-projector, the only thing that we managed to arrange was a tiny TV. In the end, all went great, and we loved it.
Type: Indoor - Concert Bar
Place: Mercearia Bar
Location: Sever do Vouga
Org: Mercearia Bar
We didn't enjoy this one, because it was very poor in audience.
The bar owner didn't made any publicity of the event. 20 people total, including staff of the club. One more for reversing-in-the-live-act.
Type: Indoor - Disco/Club
Place: Canekinha Bar
Location: Oliveira de Azemeis
Org: Canekinha Bar
We participated in a music contest called "OUVESSE - Mostra de Sons Emergentes" and we were selected from various artists competitors to the show.
The live performance toke place in the the "Café Concerto" Bar inside the "Centro Cultural Vila Flôr". The Bar was full, and many people could here this unique performance. The ambient was very good, the beatifull faces come around and in the end they're just dancing and chilling along with FRAME sounds.

A very good iniciative from "a Oficina". We loved the cathering and public. All the experince was spectacular and very rewarding. We LOVED it.
Type: Indoor - Music Contest
Place: Café Concerto
Location: C.C.Vila Flor - Guimarães
Org: A Oficina
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This live was very chilled, and the people got receptive in the faster moods.

In the end all went well, and the public showed the simpathy to mark this place in our calendar.
Type: Indoor - Concert Bar
Place: Dunas Bar
Location: Vale de Cambra
Org: Dunas Bar
This live act was in the promotion of "Random Features - Electronic Sounds and Frenetic Beats". The place was a concert-bar with a good P.A., but without video projector. We managed with a couple tvs, and make it more unique.

In the bar of this comunity found a complectly diferent public, this time they realy liked us very mutch and thank us for sharing the FRAME sounds. In the end, all went great, and we enjoy the experience.
Type: Indoor - Concert Bar
Place: Fórum Arte e Multimédia
Location: Riba de Ave - Sto. Tirso
Org: Fórum Arte e Multimédia
The first time FRAME palyed in this house was in 2000, at that time this club was called "Amadeus" disco/bar.

Four years later, the public was more receptive to the sounds and gave the feedback to us. This was a very good performence, with Mr.Wortex video projection.
Type: Indoor - Disco/Club
Place: Magnólia Bar
Location: Oliveira de Azemeis
Org: Magnólia Bar
This live act was very poor in public, and the night only about 30 people showned up in Night Life disco/bar.

Like a home made party provided by FRAME.
Type: Indoor - Disco/Club
Place: Night Life Disco
Location: Sever do Vouga
Org: Night Life Disco
First live act with Mr.Wortex in the party. We wordked on a 1h30 music and video, all live mixed.

Very good start with lot of people that came to see the show.
Type: Open Air - Gardens
Place: Sto Antonio farm
Location: Oliveira de Azemeis
Org: Frame
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With a stage floating over a lake, big light and visuals production, the created scenario was guessing a big night.

A real big event in the beatifull tree park with a big lake in between - Parque da La Salette - Oliveira de Azemeis, promoted by the local autarchy.
Type: Open Air - Over Lake
Place: La-Salette Park
Location: Oliveira de Azemeis
Org: Junta de Freguesia
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FRAME was the star for the night, with the fress sounds from the upcomming album Sons do Lago.

Type: Indoor - Disco/Bar
Place: Amadeus Bar
Location: Oliveira de Azemeis
Org: Amadeus Bar
FRAME, NEON, d:vice and POST MORTEN REFLEX dominated the stage with massive atmosfers and electronic visions.

Big night for big amount of good music!
Type: Indoor - Anfi-teatre
Place: Centro Cultural
Location: Paredes de Coura
Org: Junta de Freguesia
The first OFFICIAL live performance of FRAME, based in the "Atmospheric Light" works and some upcomming new songs, happened with full house and was very interesting.

The people congratulated L.Mig for the very first appearence in Public, and of course for the excelent work.
Type: Indoor - Anfi-teatre
Place: Auditório Municipal
Location: Oliveira de Azeméis
Org: Junta de Freguesia