Full FRAME Discography for Download


That's right, in a few weeks we expect that all FRAME albums will be available for download with high quality mp3 stream and full length of songs. We came up with this attitude to stand our position in the emerging issues of copyright and artists clamming for stolen royalties with the piracy on the web.

An artist is an artist, no matter what, and he is recognized only for his works, and by that reason, no one could mistake the creation of an artist for another one.

FRAME defends that the only language that is global wide, MUSIC, should be kept in that way, GLOBAL and available for everyone, not only for the CD byers.

We make music simply for the love for to it, and share it with the world, our creation, our son of inspiration. We use the web for sharing our works, and provide FRAME sounds for everyone, all over the world.

So, we do not want to instigate robbery, or company's murders... We give our mp3 for free. :)

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.